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5 reasons why Kachna is the growing area of Raipur?

What Raipur is to Chattisgarh, Kachna is to Raipur; it is a rapidly developing area of the fastest growing capital city. In recent years, it has transformed into a hub for big builders and contractors; earning the name of “the real estate mecca of Raipur”. But why has it become such a breeding ground for real estate builders and investors ?

Here are 5 indispensable reasons:

  1. Connectivity :

The first thing that we usually consider while investing in real estate is whether the place will connect us to other places like schools,hospitals,shopping malls, etc. And Kachna provides a big relief to investors as it is surrounded by all these places of significance.

Reputed schools like Delhi Public School and Gyan Ganga School are located 10 minutes away. Further, there are also highly specialised hospitals like Heritage Hospital, MGM Eye Institute and Shree Narayan Hospital located in the area. For lifestyle and daily household needs, Ambuja Mall is situated at a walking distance of 5 minutes. 

  1. Availability of amenities :

There are several new, modern, high-rise properties in Kachna that offer various amenities, such as gyms, swimming pools, gardens, etc. making Kachna an ideal place to reside.

  1. The upgrade effect :

Over the last few years, Kachna has undergone some remarkable changes. It is home to modern amenities that are usually seen in developed areas only. This is the reason why it has become one of the most modern areas of Raipur and is an attractive place for prestigious projects of famous builders.

  1. Increased demand for property :

Kachna is nearby reputed educational institutes and multinational companies, because of its tremendous growth in every sector. Consequently, people are migrating to Kachna. Due to which there always is a need for residential properties. The constant increase in demand for Kachna property is resulting in the boom of property prices.

  1. Posh and upmarket :

Kachna in Raipur is going to be very upmarket and posh in the near future. This will result in a higher standard of living and thus attract the eyes of many builders in the foreseeable future.

Nowadays a house is not just a residence to live in but a symbol of status. Having a house in a posh and developed area boosts a person’s impression instantly and due to this, Kachna is a viable area to invest in.  It Is Family friendly, modern and life-sustaining all at the same time resulting numerous the reputed builders and contractors to already start creating projects and many others to head towards it. It is by far the most developed area of Raipur and investment in such an area will never go in vain.

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