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The Secret Effect of Architecture on Your Lifestyle

A quote by Winston Churchill depicts with accuracy the way architecture is able to affect society. He mused “We shape our buildings; thereafter our buildings shape us” while contemplating the repair work in the Bomb-ravaged House of Commons in 1943. Now we travel back to the present times, almost 79 years later, where there is scientific proof that he was, in fact, accurate with the statement. Mr. Churchill would undoubtedly be pleased to learn that psychologists and neuroscientists have found a lot of evidence to back his thought.  

For example, we have figured out that cities and buildings can positively or negatively affect our well-being and mood. We have specialized cells in our brains that are attuned to the geometrical wonders and arrangement of the places that we live in. 

However, urban architects and designers fail to pay attention to all the potential cognitive effects that can be found in the inhabitants of a city due to the city’s creations. The urge to design something individual and unique tends to override all the considerations regarding the effect of the shape and architecture on those who will inhabit the place. Still, there is hope for change. Today, all thanks to different psychological studies, we have access to information about what might pique the interest of people and stimulate their minds, in terms of real estate. With prestigious projects that focus more on the holistic effect of architecture on the minds and lifestyle of people, it might just be possible to penetrate the minds of residents and give them exactly what they are looking for. 

How Does Architecture Affect Our Quality of Living? 

We live in times where everyone is surrounded by buildings. From offices to homes to schools and other establishments, architecture is everywhere around us. So, it is safe to say that these figures and installations of concrete often have a way around our feelings, our behavior, and sometimes, health. When we enter any building, most of our senses start acting up. We become aware of our surroundings. We start noticing the color on the walls, the aura around us, and even the atmosphere that is presented in the building. These things tend to have an effect on our mood and comfort levels. This is something that interior designers, as well as architects, strive to get an understanding of. 

One of the consistent findings in the world of architecture is that people tend to be very strongly affected by building façades. In case the façade is interesting and complex, there is a positive effect on people. For a negative impact, the façade depicts a sense of simplicity and monotone. Vibrant colors, prolific designs, and realistic touches to architectural projects seem to interest the people more. 

Another very apt finding that showcases the effect of construction is that people seem to find green spaces very comforting. These spaces provide a sense of calming and completeness to the inhabitants and help in relieving some of the stress. But how is that possible? Well, green spaces and the visual complexity that it creates somehow manages to translate into a natural environmental sense and act as a sort of mental balm for people. Now that is something that we all can agree with. Most architectural creations like 4 BHK Bungalows in Raipur these days are incorporating more Green Living standards in their projects due to this reason. Other important factors contribute to the phenomena as well such as daylighting, functionality, and much more. These essential factors turn an architectural project into the kind of positive charm that people are looking for. 

To Conclude, 

The effects of architecture on the lifestyle of people cannot be minimalized for sure. That is why diverse residential projects from architectural companies are more and more centered on creating the best living environments for the inhabitants. 

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